TuaOra.it is a human clock.

It is inspired by an ingenious idea by Mr Time, the interactive clock.

The concept of the site is very simple:

1. By clicking on the button "Che ora è?" or "What time is it?" in the English version, you will know the exact time by a different person every minute.

2. Everyone can give his/her contribution, by uploading one ore more time-movies or time-pictures.

3. The time-movies or time-pictures must contain a piece of information about the time, told or written in a clear way and according to the 24 hours system (like 17 and 24, 22 and 27 etc.).

4. Eventual other information (greetings to friends, messages to the community, declarations of love etc.) are well accepted, unless they have violent or offensive content. Time-movies or time-pictures taken in particular conditions (like trips, parties, sport events, concerts etc.) are welcomed, as well as ones taken during the everyday life.

5. All the time-movies and time-pictures are always visible and commentable in the "Anteprima" or "Preview" section.

6. The most original and funny time-movies and time-pictures will also be inserted in the "I più..." or "The most..." section.

Hurry up and fill your favourite time, before someone else is doing that! It's funny and doesn's cost anything! You can upload your time-movie or time-picture in any format and taken with any electronic device.

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This is the website made for my uncle's shop

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